Can You Be In Two Places at One Time ?

ABSOLUTELY! As a matter of fact, you can be in as many places as you want! With our innovative yet extremely affordable products and services, we put you in the drivers seat to ensure the safety and security you have always wanted without the cost orall the typical downsides. We are so certain you will love what we do, we offer a complete 100% value money backguarantee. Period. No Questions asked.

What We Do!

We provide you with a myriad of simple, common sense, low cost safety and security products, services, and assistance to solve safety andsecurity issues before they arise at a price any person can afford. In other words, we treat you the way we want to be treated. Whether it is  inside or outside your business, home, apartment, storage area, or anywhere else, we have the knowledge and capability to help ensure your safety and security.

TrulyAffordable Camera / Security System


Continuous recording /Motion Detection

Fire Alarm Notification

Two - way audio

Night vision

Phone Notifications Directly to your phone


Long battery life (6-9 months)

Motion Detection

Two Way Audio

Night Vision

Phone Notifications Directly to your phone

Additional Products and Services for Your Business or Personal Life

Temporary / Permanent

How about a camera(s) that provides complete safety and security for less than the cost of a dinner at most restaurants? With our products, you do not need a typical security system.

Hit the Fan

Our Hit the Fan Plans are a custom plan for your school, business or even your home.  These plans are easy to follow (for all ages) giving you the control you need to keep everyone safe.

Common Sense
Security Consulting

Our common sense security Consulting provides you information on the best economical means to accomplish your safety / security goals for your business or personal life.

Vacation / Shutdown Services

We offer the perfect short  / long term vacancy protection for your home or business without needing to be inside the area. We receive notification (as will you) anytime an event occurs.

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Our range of products and services are amazing. We have assisted with the safety and security of individuals living in apartments or homes, to schools with thousands of students, and even Fortune 500 companies with facilities ranging in the billions of dollars. What we do works and people love it. The overall value is unbeatable.
Just give us a call! With our 100% money back guarantee, what have you got to lose?


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Business and Industry

This is a project you’ve worked on. Give this project a brief description.


This is a project you’ve worked on. Give this project a brief description.

Special Projects

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Our schools use a custom Hit The Fan Plans for our emergency protocols and they are excellent. Even a state representative in charge of checking these plans wanted a copy because he said "they are the best plans he has ever seen!"



We are in a tough business and our margins are low. We have done business with these folks for 5 years and you will not find a more knowledgeable, and capable group anywhere. Their straight forward approach and real desire to help their client is amazing.

Exec V.P.


WOW! Partner In Safety installed cameras to cover our entire manufacturing floor. It only took 5 hours and the cost was less than buying pizza for everyone on the shop floor. Now I carry the entire plant in my pocket to see anytime.

Manufacturing Mgr.


As a single person living in an apartment, I wanted some help in understanding my safety concerns. Partner In Safety came in, provided me the exact type of assistance needed. I could not be happier and thanks to Partner In Safety, my concerns are gone and I sleep well at night.  



Our Story

We have been in the business of safety and security for decades protecting lives and property in all walks of life. Early in our life as a small business, we ourselves found the need to protect sensitive items, information and assets in order to truly ensure the safety and security of our people. Just like everyone else, we began getting quotes, interviewing prospective providers and what we quickly learned is that we could not justify the expense to even do one project much less everything.

Then the lightbulb turned on and we began thinking of alternative ways to accomplish the goal. Over time, we found we had solved every single safety / security issue we had and did so for about 1/10th of what it would have cost us by taking the alternative industry standard options. 

Today we work with individuals, businesses, industry, schools and people in virtually all walks of life to help them be more secure and have peace of mind. We know you have questions and that you would love to find out what we can do for you. Don't be afraid, all you have to do is call 513.547.2090 today!

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